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Note: May 7, 2001: 

So much for the "experts". 

Four new artifacts have so far been reported because of this St. Catherines Standard article.   They have already been digitally scanned, or will be digitally scanned within the next few days.  All of them come from within 20 kilometres of Wainfleet, and one comes from Wainfleet itself. 

It is interesting that the owners of all four artifacts have previously (up to fifty years ago) reported their finds to some Canadian archaeology authority, including the Royal Ontario Museum.  No "expert" ever bothered to view any of these artifacts.  The discoverer of the Wainfleet artifact said that the ROM did respond with a vague letter demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge as to the artifact's specific identification. 

There is, of course, no indication yet as to whether these artifacts date to before the known and accepted colonial period.  I have already sent the available images to experts in Glasgow, the British Museum and the Sorbonne for identification. 

I have also invited both Severin and Andersen to visit the "Memphremagog Artifacts" site, but I imagine that, as is the case with so many Canadian so-called "experts", they do not wish to be confused by facts like C-14 dates (from two different labs). 

After insulting me in the above article, neither Severin nor Andersen has contacted me to say that they have read about the Memphremagog Artifacts, to begin a dialog starting with some mild form of apology or to show any interest in the past and more recent Niagara artifacts.  This is wholly typical of Canadian "experts".

Michael Bradley

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