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Michael Anderson de Sackville (nom de plume Michael Bradley)
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Human Evolution
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The Iceman Inheritance

Personal Admission of Inspiration for The Cronos Complex (1974)
and The Iceman Inheritance (1978)

Esau's Empire I. Foundation: the psychobiology of religion

Esau's Empire II. The Rise (and Fall?) of Esau's Empire: a brief psychobiological history of the Western World from circa 80,000 BC to 9/11

Chosen People From the Caucasus and The Cronos Complex

Open Letter to President George W. Bush

Afghanistan, anyone?: An Awful warning

Does an Ancient Genetic Legacy of Aggression Contribute to the Mideast Crisis?

Scientists Find Prehistoric Dwarf Skeleton

American Neanderthal? Unearthed Native American has Neanderthal Roots

North American 
Want to find Oak Island gold?

Memphremagog Artifacts

Stone suggests Scot was first to land in Canada (The Scotsman, September 26, 2000)

Did Europeans first settle Niagara in the 15th century? (The Standard,
St. Catharines, Ontario, April 28, 2001)

Grail Books Holy Grail Across the Atlantic, The Columbus Conspiracy and Grail Knights of North America

Swords at Sunset     NEW

The Jesus Voyage (detailed outline, in progress)     NEW

Discovery & Exploration Dawn Voyage

More Than A Myth

Novels & Fiction Imprint, The Mantouche Factor and Quebec War of Independence
Survivalist Technology
Windmills Whirling in His Mind (Toronto Star, September 16, 2000)




Recent Published Articles Out of the mists of the past: Were Northern rivers sailed by ancient Mariners? (The Sudbury Star, June 8, 2002)

In Search of the Lost Monarch (Vancouver Sun, October 10, 2000)
A cradle in the wrong place (National Post, July 5, 2000)

The rock drawings nobody wants to talk about (Ottawa Citizen, June 22, 2000)

Did megalithic movers use curraghs and canals? (National Post, April 22, 2000)

Scientist: Europeans explored Ontario in 800 BC (Ottawa Citizen, 1999)

Essays & Speculations Egyptian Messiah: Is there really any "Judeo-Christian" tradition?
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