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Michael Anderson (nom de plume Michael Bradley) de SACKVILLE

de SACKVILLE,Michael Anderson (nom de plume Michael Bradley); researcher, author, amateur historian and anthropologist; b. Talladega, Alabama 12 May 1944; s. Herman Maurice and Scottibelle Hunt (Robertson) D.; e. Agincourt Collegiate 1963; Dalhousie Univ. 1964-67; m. Freda Winnifred d. Rev. Hubert and Anne Doody 11 June 1966; divorced 1980; one s.: Jason Balthazar Bradley; cdn. citizen 1 Dec. 1965; nom. for Nobel Prize (Biology) by Nobel Laureate, Konrad Lorenz 1979; refused special Doctoral degree prog. offered by Dalhousie Univ. 1980; Lectr., Princeton Inst. for Advanced Study, Vanderbilt Univ., York Univ., Yale Sch. of Divinity, Kennedy-King Coll. (Chicago), etc.; DeMille Writing Award (poetry) and Dennis Writing Award (prose) (both Dalhousie Univ.); elevated to rank of Knight of Malta 1989 for activities in carrying med. supplies to remote villages in Central Am., 1983 while cons. to Cdn. Internat. Devel. Agency in design & mfr. of 5 & 10 metre boats for impoverished village fishermen in Caribbean; author of 15 pub. books incl. Imprint 1978, The Mantouche Factor 1979 (novels); The Cronos Complex 1973, The Iceman Inheritance 1978, Chosen People from the Caucasus 1992 (non-fiction); The Black African Discovery of America 1981, Holy Grail Across the Atlantic 1988, The Quebec War of Independence 1995 (new hist. interpretations).
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