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The Black Discovery of America/Dawn Voyage presents the agricultural, religious, artistic and architectural evidence that "Black" Africans from the sub-Sahara were probably the first "discoverers' of America from across the Atlantic, but notes that the first true "discoverers" were, of course, Asiatic nomads crossing the Bering Land Bridge during the last "Ice Age".

The book also presents evidence that, perhaps, seafaring Asians may have reached America across the Pacific earlier than "Black" Africans from across the Atlantic. But the evidence is presented to show that African contact, unlike possible sporadic Oriental sea-borne contact, actually influenced the development of Mezo-american civilizations in important ways.

Non-fiction. First published as The Black Discovery of America (Personal Library, Toronto, 1981) and then re-issued as Dawn Voyage (Summerhill Press, Toronto, 1987; A & B Books, New York, 1993) this illustrated book was course-adopted by 40 high school boards and universities in the United States and Canada 1982-1993. Popularly written but researched with meticulous care, the three editions of this book differ only in the Introductions by three different academic experts from Canadian and U. S. centres of African studies. All rights are available.

Unbound photocopy of "Dawn Voyage" Canadian Edition (Summerhill Press, Toronto, 1983), autographed by the Author.  Price : $100.00 USD.

Sonar contacts with large mysterious objects on the depths! An exciting, unexpected surface sighting! This lively but scientifically-based book recounts, in light-hearted and entertaining style, Michael Bradley's investigation of the legendary monster of Muskrat Lake. Although Bradley's expedition did not capture a monster, it did obtain convincing evidence that a species of large unknown animal probably does inhabit Muskrat Lake 75 miles northwest of Ottawa.

As background to the investigation of Muskrat Lake, the author gives concise and accurate accounts of the research at Loch Ness, in the Soviet Union and in the North America indicating that an unknown something does haunt some deep lakes in the Northern Hemisphere. And, as fascinating and as impossible as it may seem, he presents intriguing evidence that these somethings maybe the dragons of ancient and medieval traditions!

Finally, Bradley admits that he and his two research associates discovered another and almost unbelievable series of uncanny incidents around the shores of Muskrat Lake. Is this second mystery connected with "Mussie", as the monster of Muskrat Lake is fondly called? Or, is this additional and somewhat ominous revelation unrelated to the monster?

Non-fiction. First publication by Houwnslow Press, Toronto, 1990. Condensed and reprinted in "Owl" childrens' magazine, 1991. All book publishing rights and translation rights are available, including Film, Television and Video.

Unbound photocopy of Canadian Edition (Hownslow Press, Toronto, 1990), autographed by the Author. Price : $100.00 USD.

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